The Older People’s   
Participation Co-operative
Our mission: is one of contribution, opportunity and engagement.

Older People: seen as no different from any other community, fully engaged and participating on our own terms, regardless of our levels of independence or dependence, regardless of our socio economic position and certainly regardless of our chronological age.

Our vision: is of a society of all ages, not just as rhetoric but one of human rights, contribution, co-operation, and citizenship. 
Too much of current public policy is based on what Older People cannot do, thus being primarily patients or service-users rather than citizens.

Our strategic vision: is based on our core belief that Older People are all of us, simply older. That Older People are integral to a society that values all it’s members, and that we are valued, respected, heard, influential, contributors and agents of change, with the same potential as anyone else, regardless of our chronological age.

Change Agents seeks to re-enforce this message by the direct engagement of Older People in partnership with co-operative, civic and civil organisations. We offer a platform for co-production, debate, discussion, capacity building, networking, participation, equality and equity and again citizenship, based on co-operative principles.
Welcome to Change Agents